3 Cool Facts About Volkswagen Art

Many consider Volkswagen cars works of art and some have even been known to incorporate them in actual art pieces. Here are 3 of the most interesting.

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How VW Water Pumps and Timing Belts Work Together

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10 Things You'll Want When You Go Car Camping in an Atlas

You won't need a tent to go car camping in the spacious VW Atlas - but you may want to be sure you do have these ten essentials.

How to Install a Bumper Cover on Your VW Golf

Ready to install a bumper cover on your VW golf? You can do it at home with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

When Is it Time to Replace Your VW Bumper Cover?

Bumper covers can sometimes be repaired, but if they're damaged bad enough, replacement is the only option. Here's how to decide which option is best for you.

What Is a Bumper Cover and Is it Worth It?

Bumper covers sometimes get inadvertently damaged or scraped when parking. Find out what a bumper cover is and how to determine if repair is needed.

The Spark Plug Buyer’s Guide All Volkswagen Owners Need

Does your VW need new spark plugs? This guide will help you choose the best replacement option for your vehicle.

Volkswagen Replacement Spark Plugs: OEM or Aftermarket?

Spark plugs are an important component of your engine. Find out why it really matters who makes your replacement spark plugs.

How to Replace Your Volkswagen's Spark Plugs

A lot of serious engine problems can arise from a bad spark plug and changing them is a simple project. Here's how.

How to Diagnose a Failing Spark Plug

Have a hunch that your VW engine has lost its spark? Here's how to diagnose a failing spark plug.

What Is A Spark Plug and Why Is It Important?

Spark plugs create the actual spark inside the combustion chamber of your engine - and without them, your VW won’t run.

Most And Least Popular 2018 VW Beetle Colors

Can you guess the most and least popular colors for the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle? We've got the answers!

The Most Rugged VW Bus You’ve Ever Seen

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10 Stunning Pictures of This Restored 1973 VW Karmann Ghia

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The Tiguan may be a compact SUV, but it’s pretty powerful on the road. Here's what a Tiguan can tow.

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Why Is My VW Golf Touchscreen Not Working?

Having your infotainment screen quit on you is understandably irksome, and if you’re a VW Golf owner who’s plagued with this issue, we’re here to help.

Get Your Colored Pencils! Download Our Free VW Beetle, Bus, and Thing Coloring Book

Download your very own one-of-a-kind VW coloring booklet and make your favorite VW classics look the way you've always wanted!

What Is Your Engine Oil Trying to Tell You?

The color and consistency of your oil can teach you a lot about the state of your engine. Here's how to know what your oil is telling you.

Check Out This Custom Built 1967 VW Squareback

A VW Squareback is a rare sight on the street these days. Even rarer is a restored custom Panel Squareback like this beauty.

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Random radio failure is a common complaint among Volkswagen Jetta owners - here are 5 possible reasons for the problem and how to address them.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your VW Cigarette Lighter in 3 Steps

Dealing with a broken cigarette lighter or 12V connector in your Volkswagen? Here's how to troubleshoot the problem in 3 easy steps.

Check Out This Awesome Car Volkswagen Made in the Early 90s

Meet the Volkswagen Golf Mk2’s bigger and tougher European brother: The Golf Country

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The Golf is one of VW's longest running US nameplates. Check out how the style and price of this beloved VW have changed over the last 40 years.

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Find out why some say that living the #VanLife is the new American Dream.

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The Ultimate #VanLife Preparation, Repair, and Maintenance Guide

Life is an adventure and fortune favors the bold - and nothing is more bold than living the Van Life!

When is the VW Amarok Coming to the US?

The VW Amarok is available almost everywhere except the United States and Asia - will it ever make a US debut?

The Funky Little Volkswagen Pickup Everyone Forgot About

In the 1970s, Volkswagen created a compact pickup version of the popular Rabbit model - so where did the Rabbit Pickup go?

7 Clever Jetta Hacks that Actually Work

Enhance your Jetta driving experience with regular household items - these VW Jetta hacks will show you how!

Jetta Power Door Lock Failure: A Troubleshooting Guide

Most of us are accustomed to the convenience of power door locks. If you're having trouble with your Jetta locks, here's how to pinpoint the problem.

Five Common 2003 Volkswagen Passat Engine Problems

The Passat is a reliable car, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely free of faults. Here are 5 common 2003 Passat issues.

5 Common 2006 Volkswagen Jetta Problems

The Jetta is a dependable mainstay of the VW lineup, but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. Here are 5 common 2006 Jetta issues.

Are Your VW's Seats Tearing or Cracking? Here's What You Can Do

Years of constant use can take a toll on your VW's seats. Here's what you can do to restore your seats to a near-new look.

Volkswagen Engine Codes - P0420

Find out what Volkswagen OBD-II code P0420 indicates, and how to fix the problem on your VW.

9 Accessories to Dress Up Your Golf

VW Golf Owners: Check these 9 accessories that will give your Golf that next-level look you've always wanted!

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VW has a history of collaboration, some projects more well-known than others. Check out our five favorite here.

How to Keep Your VW From Getting Hacked

Your VW could be susceptible to hacking by a simple intercept of the key fob's signal. Find out how to reduce your risk.

13 Things You Might Not Know About the GTI

The VW GTI is on the verge of a major makeover - the perfect time for a rundown of some GTI fun facts you might not know!

Everything We Know About the Golf Alltrack

Will the VW Golf Alltrack gain traction with a US audience? Here's why we think it will be a car to watch both now and in the future.

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Who would win the battle of the weekend wagons - the VW Golf Alltrack or the Subaru Outback? Find out!

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What Happened to the Corrado?

The Corrado was an exciting newcomer with lots of promise - so what led to its untimely exit?

How Long Have VW Models Been in the US?

VW's automotive lineage dates back several decades, making the superior longevity of their US models all the more impressive. Check out this longevity comparison infographic!

5 VWs We Wish We Could Get in the US

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A piece of automotive cinematic history - The Fast and the Furious 1995 VW Jetta - finds a new owner at the Barrett-Jackson auction.

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1974 VW Beetle Type 1 Volxrod

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The iconic VW Bus is rumored to be returning in 2018, and here’s why you should be excited about it!