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VWPartsVortex Blog

Are OEM VW Batteries Better Than Aftermarket?

All Car Batteries Wear Out And Will Eventually Need To Be Replaced. But What's The Best Option - Aftermarket Or OEM? Find Out Here.

How To Diagnose A Failing Battery

The Battery Is An Easy Part To Troubleshoot On Your VW, And Even Easier To Replace Yourself – Here’s How.

Are OEM VW Key Fobs Better Than Aftermarket?

Are You Wondering If Getting An OEM Key Fob For Your VW Is Worth It? Find Out Here.

What Is A Key Fob And Why Is It Important?

The Key Fob Is A Transmitter That Allows You To Start Or Enter A Vehicle With The Key Nearby. Learn All About Them Here.

OEM Jetta Parts List And Owner's Guide

It’s Important You Familiarize Yourself With Information And Resources On Maintaining Your Jetta – Read On For More Info.

OEM GTI Parts List And Owner's Guide

The GTI Offers An Excellent Blend Of Performance And Affordability. Get The Most From Your GTI With This Parts And Accessory Guide.

Volkswagen Serpentine Belt Buyer's Guide

It's Important For You As A Car Owner To Know What A Serpentine Belt Is And What To Do If Your Belt Fails. This Guide Has All The Info You Need.

Are OEM VW Serpentine Belts Better Than Aftermarket?

If You’re Trying To Decide Between Getting An OEM Or Aftermarket Serpentine Belt For Your Volkswagen This Comparison Guide Will Help You Make The Best Decision.

How To Replace A Serpentine Belt In A VW Beetle

Replacing The Serpentine Belt Takes Only About An Hour Of Work If You’re Reasonably Handy With Some Basic Tools. More Details Here.

How To Diagnose A Failing Serpentine Belt

It's Important To Diagnose And Replace A Failing Serpentine Belt Before It Actually Fails And Causes Major Damage. We'll Show You How To Do That In This Post.

What Is A Serpentine Belt And Why Is It Important?

A Serpentine Belt May Need Replacement Every Now And Then So It’s Important You Know A Bit About What It Does.

Volkswagen A/C Parts Buyer's Guide

There Are Times When A/C System Maintenance Should Be Left To The Professionals. But, In Some Cases, You Can Maintain And Repair The System Yourself - Learn More Here.

Are OEM VW Air Conditioning Parts Better Than Aftermarket?

Replacing A Part In Your Volkswagen's Air Conditioning System? You May Be Trying To Decide Between OEM And Aftermarket Parts – Learn Why OEM Is Always Better.

VW Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide

If You're Experiencing Issues With Your VW A/C System, This Troubleshooting Guide May Help You.

What Is The A/C Pressure Switch And Why Is It Important?

The Pressure Switch In Your Air Conditioning System Monitors Your Refrigerant Pressure, Which Is An Important Job. Learn More About It Here.

What Is The A/C Compressor And Why Is It Important?

The Compressor Is The Heart Of Your Air Conditioning System. Learn About What It Does Here.

VW Engine Air Filter Buyer's Guide

Look To This Post To Find All The Information You Need About Volkswagen Engine Air Filters.

Are OEM Volkswagen Air Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

If You Want Your Air Filter To Last As Long As Possible, OEM Is The Way To Go. Learn Why Here.

How To Replace A Volkswagen Air Filter

It Takes 10 Or 15 Minutes To Replace An Air Filter In Your Volkswagen. Learn How To Do It Here.

What Is An Engine Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

The Engine Air Filter May Seem Like A Simple Part, But It's Very Important To Your Engine's Health. Learn More About It Here.

How To Decode A Volkswagen VIN

Learn How To Decode Your VIN And Learn A Lot About Your Volkswagen.

VW Wheel Buyer's Guide

Are You A Volkswagen Owner Who Wants To Know More About Wheels? We Got You.

Volkswagen Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels

If You’re On The Fence Between Steel And Alloy VW Wheels, This Post May Help.

Should I Replace One OEM Wheel Or Buy A Set Of Aftermarket Wheels?

Replacing A Damaged Wheel On Your VW? Learn Why An OEM VW Wheel Is The Best Product To Use.

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace My VW Wheels?

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Damaged VW Wheel? We’ll Help You Reach A Decision With This Guide.

Does Your Wheel Have A Leak? Here's How You Figure It Out.

If You Suspect You Have A Rim Leak, You Can Diagnose The Issue At Home – Here’s How.

What Is A Wheel Center Cap And Why Is It Important?

The Wheel Center Cap A Simple Part That Serves An Important Purpose. Learn More About It Here.

How Easy Is It To Replace A Damaged Hood?

Not Sure If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Damaged VW Hood? This Article Can Help You Decide.

Volkswagen Fender Buyer's Guide

Refer To This Buyer’s Guide To Find All The Information You Need To Know About VW Fenders.

Fender With Dents? Should You Try Paintless Dent Repair Or Replace The Fender?

Dent Repair Is Sometimes Difficult. Here Are Two Repair Options You Should Consider Before Beginning.

How To Make Sure Your Body Shop Only Uses OEM VW Parts

Most Insurance Companies Want To Save Money By Using Aftermarket Body Parts – Here’s Why That’s A Bad Idea.

Can You Replace A Fender Yourself?

Wondering If You Can Replace A Fender On Your VW Yourself? This Guide Can Help You With The Job.

Should My Body Shop Use An OEM Fender Or Is Aftermarket OK?

Find Out Why OEM Replacement Fenders Offer More Value Than Their Aftermarket Counterparts.

How To Replace A VW Fender

If You Have A Damaged VW Fender Or Fender Liner And Want To Replace It, This Guide Is For You.

What Is A Fender And Why Is It Important?

The Fender Is An Exterior Body Part You Might Not Be Familiar With – Find Out Exactly What It Does Here.

VW Center Cap Guide

Learn What Your Wheel Center Cap Is Made From And How To Change Them To Give Your VW An Updated Look.

Oil Leak: Is It Your Drain Plug?

Trying To Figure Out What’s Causing Your Oil Leak? This Guide Will Help You Determine If It’s Your Drain Plug.

Rear Wiper Repair And Replacement

A Broken Rear Wiper Reduces Visibility And Is Dangerous For You And Others. Find Out How To Replace It Here.

VW Windshield Wipers Buyer's Guide

Replacing The Wipers On Your Volkswagen Takes Only A Few Minutes – This Guide Has All The Info You Need.

Are OEM VW Windshield Wipers Better Than Aftermarket?

Should You Buy OEM Or Aftermarket Wiper Blades? Read On To Find The Answer.

How To Replace A VW Windshield Wiper

It’s Faster And Cheaper To Replace Your Windshield Wipers Yourself - And It Only Takes A Few Minutes. We’ll Walk You Through The Process Here.

VW Ignition Coil Buyer's Guide

It’s Important To Understand Ignition Coils So You Can Recognize The Signs Of A Bad One If Replacement Becomes Necessary. Learn More Here.

Are OEM Volkswagen Ignition Coils Better Than Aftermarket?

If You’re Trying To Decide Between Getting OEM Or Aftermarket Coils, We’ll Help You Reach An Educated Decision With This Comparison Guide.

How To Replace A VW Ignition Coil

The Ignition Coil Is A Part You Can Replace Yourself. This Tutorial Will Walk You Through The Process.

How To Diagnose A Failing Ignition Coil

If You Suspect That An Ignition Coils Is Going, This Guide Will Help You Confirm It.

What Is An Ignition Coil And Why Is It Important?

The Ignition Coil Ignition Takes Low Voltage Current From The Battery And Turns It Into High Voltage Current. Learn More About Its Job Here.

Volkswagen Side Mirror Buyer's Guide

This Guide Provides All The Information You Need To Replace Or Repair Your Volkswagen Side Mirror.

How To Replace A Volkswagen Side Mirror

Side Mirror Replacement Is A Job You Can Tackle Yourself. This Guide Will Take You Through The Process.

Can I Just Replace My Side Mirror Glass?

Wondering If You Can Get Away With Replacing Only The Glass On Your VW Side Mirror? Find Out Here.

Typical VW Side Mirror Replacement Costs

The Cost Of Replacing Your VW Side Mirror Can Vary Greatly. Here Are The Factors That Determine The Cost.

Volkswagen Cabin Air Filter Buyer's Guide

As A Car Owner, It’s Important To Know A Bit About Cabin Air Filters. Here's A Guide To Fill You In.

Are OEM VW Cabin Air Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Cabin Air Filters: Does It Even Matter Which Type You Get? Yes, And Here's Why.

When To Replace A VW Cabin Air Filter

Wondering If Your VW's Cabin Air Filter Is Still Good? Read On To Find Out How You Can Know For Certain.