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The Volkswagen GTI will turn forty next year. Join us as we celebrate with a look back at 40 years of GTI evolution.

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2015 VW Touareg TDI Combines Luxury Finishes with Fun to Drive

The 2015 Volkswagen Touareg offers the complete package - it combines luxury finishes with plenty of cargo room and lots of fun.

Volkswagen CV Joints: How They Work and When You Should Replace Them

CV joints often need replacing, not because of failure, but because they are heavily prone to damage. Here’s what you need to know about Volkswagen CV joints.

5 Easy DIY Projects for Your Car

Working on your own car gives you a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment. It’s also sometimes necessary when you can’t afford to pay a mechanic. Here are a few easy DIY automotive projects that most casual at-home mechanics can handle — however, take on these projects at your own risk!

Volkswagen Phaetons on

The Phaeton is a car named after a greek sun god, and it isn’t often seen on roads in America. It was a car designed to take down luxury class leaders and was introduced in 2002 at the Geneva Motor Show. Since we last posted about the Phaeton, we’ve had a lot of customers and site visitors wanting us to post more about it. So here’s a little treat for Phaeton fanatics — a look at some of the cleanest and coolest Phaetons on

How to Tell if Your O2 Sensor is Bad and How to Fix It

Pretty much every Volkswagen produced since the 80s has sensor for measuring the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. This sensor transmits these signals to the ECM so it can adjust the air/fuel mixture for the engine. This helps your car runs as efficiently as possible while also reducing emissions. Here’s a deeper look at the O2 sensors on your Volkswagen.

Turbocharging 102

Installing – or upgrading – a turbocharger is a great way to increase your vehicle’s total power output. However, before you go on eBay and buy the biggest turbo you can find, you need to know about sizing.

Sweet Volkswagen Feature: 1981 Golf

While browsing through CarDomain, we found a really cool vintage Golf that seems to be undergoing some pretty heavy work. This machine is slowly, but surely, getting upgrades on what seems like every system throughout.

Are OEM Spark Plugs Worth It?

Spark plugs aren’t made to last forever. Even ones tipped with iridium will wear out over so many miles traveled, and those are the longest lasting spark plugs. The good thing about spark plugs is they can easily be changed out when they become worn or damaged. So what kind of plugs do you use when it comes time to replace them? Most automotive experts will agree that OEM spark plugs are superior to cheap aftermarket replacements, and here’s why.

Turbocharging 101

You’re not one of those poor misinformed people who thinks that big V8s are the only path to power, are you? If so, let us educate you: There’s more than one passage to big dyno numbers and low track times. Another option? Turbochargers.

Let’s talk about turbochargers — spooling, rev limiter hitting turbochargers!