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OEM Volkswagen Beetle Parts And Accessories

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The Volkswagen Beetle has stood the test of time when it comes to reliable and fun transportation. Ideal for fast-paced city driving, the VW Beetle, like any vehicle, needs to be properly maintained to retain reliability. At VWPartsVortex, we carry all the parts you need to keep your beloved Beetle in top shape, including:

Brakes – Pads, rotors, and calipers can all wear out over time, impeding your Beetle's ability to stop. Brake function should be checked often, and they should be replaced as needed.

Spark Plugs – Replacing your spark plugs on a regular basis helps the engine operate more efficiently and can improve gas mileage. Always use OEM VW spark plugs, available here. They're more reliable and are made specifically for your vehicle.

Wheels – Without your wheels, you wouldn't be able to move! If one or more wheels gets damaged, make sure you grab an OEM replacement right away.

At we only carry genuine Volkswagen parts. We also carry a variety of OEM VW accessories such as floor mats, and parts that sometimes suffer accidental damage and need replacement, like antennas. You can feel confident shopping with us knowing that all of our sales representatives have at least five years experience handling Volkswagen parts, and we carry parts for VWs from 1990 and newer. Contact at 609-386-0174 to get the parts you need to keep your Beetle on the road!