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About Us

Since 2006, has been helping VW owners find the best deals on genuine OEM VW replacement parts.

Interested in learning more about VWPartsVortex? Here are the highlights.

Who Are You Guys? Parts Counter is managed by Burlington VW in Burlington, NJ (just outside of Philly)

While we sell parts nationwide, our website is an extension of Burlington Volkswagen of Burlington, NJ. The parts department at Burlington VW has decades of VW parts experience, and they’re happy to share that experience with customers.

Because is an extension of a licensed, franchised VW dealer, we ONLY sell genuine OEM parts that come straight from Volkswagen. No knock-offs, no cheap after-market parts, etc. Just the good stuff.

Why Are You Guys So Cheap?

We’re often told by our customers that our prices are considerably less than the local VW dealership. This is because is all about volume pricing – we sell a lot of parts across the country, and we’d rather make a little bit of money a lot of times than make a lot of money a few times.

Your local VW dealership probably doesn’t feel the same way…which is why our prices are lower.

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