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OEM Routan Volkswagen Parts And Accessories

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The Volkswagen Routan has won the admiration of consumers and industry experts alike since the beginning of production. The Routan is the classic family van with a modern edge and carries the reliability of VW manufacturing. But even with VW reliability, a Routan will require replacement parts just like any other vehicle. 

At, we don’t jack up shipping or other hidden fees to make up for our low prices, and we carry one of the biggest selection of genuine Volkswagen parts, such as:

Fuel Pump – A real VW fuel pump can last the lifetime of the vehicle, but on the off chance it doesn't, replace your worn fuel pump with a genuine VW one to ensure continued longevity from the part and from your vehicle.

Water Pump – A water pump is vital to the overall health of a vehicle, as the loss of coolant can cause an engine to overheat. This important part generally lasts five to six years, so it's probably time for you to get yours checked for function. If it's failing, replace it with a factory VW part like this.

Fuses – When a fuse shorts out, it MUST be replaced with a fuse of the same AMP rating. Choosing the wrong fuse replacement can increase the risk of a car fire, and this is a simple repair you can do at home. Make sure you're getting an OEM Volkswagen fuse.

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