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OEM Volkswagen R32 Parts And Accessories

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vw r32

Compact, sturdy, and economical performance matched with VW reliability make the R32 one of the best all around vehicles on the road. This little car delivers every time the wheels hit the road, but even a car as reliable as the R32 will eventually need replacement parts. When you need Volkswagen R32 parts, you should always go with OEM Volkswagen parts from, such as:

Clutch – A clutch can fail after 70,000 miles or make it to 100,000 - it really depends. To get another 70-100k miles from your shifter, always choose a factory VW part. Cheap aftermarket parts often have a significantly shorter lifespan, so they're not worth the initial savings.

Oil Filter – It might seem like an insignificant repair, but making sure to replace your oil filter regularly is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. An OEM oil filter will help keep your engine free of contaminants. A dirty engine will lead to BIG problems down the road, so keep yours clean.

Air Filter – If you’re around a lot of dust or dirt, your air filter likely takes a beating. Just like an oil filter, air filters keep your engine running clean and smooth, so a genuine replacement part is your best bet for the best performance.

You can be confident we know what we're doing here at - all of our parts associates have at least five years experience handling VW parts. When your R32 needs a few replacement parts, visit or call 609-386-0174.