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OEM Volkswagen GTI Parts And Accessories

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The Volkswagen GTI is a rare combination of reliability, performance, and contemporary style that has made it a leader in consumer and industry awards for years. Upkeep is paramount in maintaining the look and performance of a GTI, and that means using quality OEM parts whenever you're replacing filters, belts, or the battery. offers a huge inventory of factory GTI parts. All of our parts associates have at least 5 years experience with VWs, so you can be confident we're able to help you find what you need, including:

Wheels – The OEM GTI wheels are essential to keeping your vehicle moving forward. They are made to the highest standards, and your GTI won't roll without them!

Shocks and Struts – Part of the joy of owning a GTI is driving it, but if you're starting to feel every pot hole and slight dip or rise in the road, some of the fun disappears. Replace your shocks and struts every 50,000-75,000 miles to be sure you’re still enjoying a smooth ride.

Brakes – Pads, rotors, and calipers can all wear out over time, impeding your VW’s ability to stop. Brake function should be checked often and components replaced as needed.

 At, our low prices are unaffected by hidden fees or inflated shipping costs; we’re just here to help get you the right parts for your GTI at the right price. Visit or call us at 609-386-1704 to browse our immense selection of OEM parts.