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OEM Volkswagen Corrado Parts And Accessories

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vw corrado

The Volkswagen Corrado, a sporty 3-door coupe, was available in the United States from 1990-1994. A vehicle at an advanced age, even one as reliable as a VW, eventually needs replacement parts. At, we offer a wide range of parts to keep your Corrado healthy and on the road.

Fuel System – A healthy fuel delivery system will help you maintain horsepower and increase fuel mileage. From injectors to fuel pressure regulators, we stock everything that you need to keep your engine running smooth.

Electrical – An electrical failure can cause complications ranging from a light that won't turn on to an engine that won’t start. Batteries, switches, lamps, and sensors are just a few examples of what you can order from our inventory.

Wheels – If one or more of your Corrado wheels is damaged in an accident or simply needs replacing, aftermarket wheels won't cut it. They're not an exact match to your factory wheels. Avoid driving around on mismatched wheels by getting an OEM replacement wheel.

Every part we offer is a genuine VW part, straight from the factory. Our business provides honest prices, meaning we do not try to “make up” for our low prices with inflated shipping costs, and all staff who answer the phones at have at least five years of VW parts experience. For further information or any questions that you may have, please call us at 609-386-0174.