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OEM Volkswagen Cabrio Parts And Accessories

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The Volkswagen Cabrio has offered owners a distinctive look on the road for years. Collectors of the Cabrio know the car is the ideal mix of proven VW reliability and styling, but even with that reputation, the Cabrio will inevitably require a replacement part from time to time. At, we carry parts for every VW model since 1990, and all our parts are authentic Volkswagen part tailor-made for your Cabrio's specifications.

Timing Belt – If your Cabrio has been on the road for a while, it’s likely time you looked into getting a new timing belt. The timing belt generally will last 100,000 miles or 8 years and is a part you want to fix before it breaks. A broken timing belt can cause significant engine damage.

Alternator – Parts like alternators or fuel pumps can last between five or six years, or if they're a prime part, often times they last the life of the vehicle. If you want your replacement part to last as long as the original, or maybe even provide a lifetime of service, be sure to only purchase genuine VW parts.

Windscreen – A OEM windscreen will help you enjoy a sunny day with the top down by preventing lots of noise and crazy, windblown hair. The windscreen will divert the air to the back of your vehicle, keeping your cabin a wind-free zone.

When you call 609-386-1704, you can be guaranteed whoever answers the phone has at least five years experience with Volkswagen parts and is ready to help you find what you need. Feel free to call or visit us online at to keep your VW purring like a kitten.