OEM Volkswagen Touareg Parts and Accessories

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The 2015 VW Touareg is part of the second generation and was offered in several trim packages and engine options, including diesel powered. It was given a facelift this year that included bi-xenon headlights, post collision braking system and mobile online services. When you need to replace any of your Touareg parts, you buy OEM VW parts because they last as long as the original parts.

Spark Plugs – The spark plugs send the spark that causes the explosion within your cylinder. If the plug gets dirty, it can't spark, and that can cause the engine to miss. We have plugs, wires and starters.

Thermostats – For your engine to stay cool, the thermostat monitors the temperature and adjusts the cooling system as needed. A bad thermostat can cause the engine to overheat. We have thermostats, water pumps and radiators.

Wheel Bearings – The wheel bearings keep the wheels turning smoothly. A worn bearing can cause friction and worn parts. We have bearings, axles and power steering parts.

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