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OEM Volkswagen Passat Parts and Accessories

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The 2015 Volkswagen Passat kicks off this popular car’s eighth generation with both wagon and sedan versions. It is billed as a premium car without a premium price. Because you take good care of your Passat, you only use OEM Passat parts. They are made to meet the specifications of the factory in performance and fit.

EGR Valves – The EGR valve is part of the emission system in your VW, and it controls the emission output. If this part goes bad, you'll notice a loss of power and rough idle.

Fuel Pumps – The fuel pump keeps the fuel moving from the tank to the engine. If your fuel pump fails, your vehicle will act as if it is out of fuel.

Fuel Tanks – All of your fuel is stored in the fuel tank where it stays until the pump sends it to the engine. A fuel tank can become damaged due to accident. We carry these and other fuel parts.

When you buy your genuine VW parts from us, you get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Shop now for your 2015 Passat parts today.