OEM Volkswagen Touareg Parts and Accessories

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The 2014 VW Touareg is a member of the Touareg second generation, which include some firsts in headlight technology. It hash a glare free high beam, which makes gradual adjustments to the beam. When you need new OEM Volkswagen parts like the high beam, you buy your 2014 VW parts at VW Parts Vortex for factory VW parts.

Spark Plugs – The spark plugs keep the engine running by sending electrical currents to ignite the fuel. If the plug is fouled, your engine may have trouble running smoothly. Replace them at regular intervals for the best performance.

Thermostats – The thermostat keeps the temperature in check in your engine, so if it's stuck or bad, you may overheat and cause damage to your motor.

Wheel Bearings – A bad wheel bearing will start to make noise, and if you don't replace it, it can cause drivability issues. We carry wheel parts, power steering parts and more. 

We only carry genuine VW parts that are exact fit replacement parts for your Volkswagen. We offer wholesale pricing, so you save money, and you get fast, affordable shipping. Buy now.