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OEM Volkswagen Tiguan Parts and Accessories

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The 2014 VW Tiguan is a compact SUV that makes taking the kids to school or sports practice easy. The back offers a lot of cargo room for sporting or band equipment as well as groceries. You take good care of your Tiguan by doing all of the recommended maintenance on it. When you need new parts, buy OEM VW parts for parts that will last as long as the original.

Fuel Tanks – The fuel tank holds the fuel until you’re ready to use it. The fuel pump sends it to the engine as your vehicle is running. The tank could become damaged due to an accident and will need to be replaced. We carry fuel parts like the tanks, gas caps and fuel pumps.

Igniters – The igniters send the signal to the ignition coil, which sends the first spark to the spark plugs when you start your vehicle. This part can wear out and need replacement. We have ignition coils, spark plugs and igniters. 

Steering Wheels – A steering wheel is a heavy-duty part that will most likely never need to be replaced, but they do have sensitive electronic parts in them like cruise control buttons and other control buttons. We have replacement steering wheels, linkage and other steering parts.

At, we help you save money on all of your genuine OEM VW parts because you get a price match guarantee on any genuine VW part and fast, affordable shipping. Order your parts today.