OEM Volkswagen GTI Parts and Accessories

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The 2014 VW GTI is a trim package for the Golf that includes features like turbo and other sport equipment. This nimble performance car is fun to drive and recognized for safety. When you need replacement parts or maintenance parts, buy genuine OEM VW parts for parts that are made to last as long as the original. 

Head Gaskets – In order to keep the engine sealed, the gasket goes between the two metal parts. The gasket can wear out, and if it does, you’ll lose compression. We have replacement head gaskets, valves and other parts.

Spark Plugs – When the spark plugs get dirty, the engine can’t run properly because the plugs cannot create the spark. The plugs need to be replaced occasionally. We carry plugs, plug wires and other ignition parts.

Steering Wheels – The steering wheel is a tough part that may never need to be replaced, but if it does, we carry this part and other steering parts like the power steering pump, linkage and axles.

If you need help finding the right part for your GTI, our parts staff has decades of VW experience and is ready to help. You get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping when you shop with us. Buy your new 2014 GTI parts now.