OEM Volkswagen Eos Parts and Accessories

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The 2014 Volkswagen EOS is a sport compact 2-door convertible that’s get great fuel economy. This smooth handling roadster is perfect for date nights and trips to the beach. When you need new parts for your EOS, buy genuine OEM Volkswagen parts because you know that they’re optimized to meet the performance needs of the EOS.

Head Gaskets – The head gaskets sit between the cylinder head and the cylinder block, and create a vacuum so your engine fires. The gasket can wear out, and if it does, you need to replace it right away. We carry head gaskets, seals and filters.

Thermostats – In order for your engine to run at the proper temperature, the thermostat must be working. If it’s not, it can overheat the engine and cause significant damage. If you notice your temperature gauge fluctuating, check the thermostat.  We carry thermostats, heaters and other cooling parts.

Throttle Bodies – The throttle body controls the amount of fuel your engine gets. This part may need to be replaced over time. We carry throttle bodies, EGMs and other engine components.

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