OEM Volkswagen Eos Parts and Accessories

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The 2013 Volkswagen EOS is a sport cabriolet. This two-door coupe offers a five-piece folding roof for those days when you want to enjoy the fresh air while zipping along coastal highways or country roads. Since you take great care of your EOS, use genuine OEM Volkswagen parts anytime you have to replace a worn part.

Brake Calipers – When you press the brakes, the calipers clamp the brake pads to the rotor. The calipers may start to stick with age, so if you notice they aren’t clamping hard or are dragging, you might need new ones. We carry calipers, pads and more.

EGR Valves – The EGR valve measures the amount of exhaust that goes back into your intake valve. If there’s a problem with this valve, you’ll find that your engine runs rough. We have replacement valves, filters and more.

Fuel Filters – The fuel filter ensures that sediment in the tank or even dirt in the gas does not get into your engine. This filter may need to be changed during the lifetime of your vehicle. We carry fuel filters, air filters and other maintenance parts.

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