OEM Volkswagen Routan Parts and Accessories

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The 2011 VW Routan is part of the Chrysler- VW joint venture. The 2011 was produced in the Windsor, Ontario Chrysler plant. The Routan is a good-sized, reliable minivan that offers plenty of room for the carpool. That’s why you make sure yours is always in good running condition. You use genuine OEM Volkswagen parts whenever you need to replace a part.

Fuel Pumps – If you notice your engine isn’t running properly and acts like it doesn’t have any fuel, it might be the fuel pump failing. We carry fuel pumps, fuel lines and fuel filters.

Oxygen Sensors - The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen mixture and regulates it as needed. If the sensor is failing, the engine might run too rich or too lean, causing the van’s fuel efficiency to suffer.  We stock oxygen sensors, valves and other emission parts.

Radiators - The engine needs to be cool, and the radiator holds the coolant. If your engine starts running hot due to a radiator problem, you run the risk of engine failure. We have radiators, thermostats and fans.

At VWPartsVortex.com, all of our parts are OEM VW parts. You’re getting parts that are exact fit replacement parts. You also get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Shop here for your Routan parts.