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OEM Volkswagen Golf Parts and Accessories

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The 2011 VW Golf is a family-friendly passenger car that offers a surprisingly roomy interior and great fuel efficiency. It’s part of the sixth generation of Golf vehicles. When you need new parts, buy genuine OEM Volkswagen parts because you know that they’re exact fit replacement parts that you can count on.

Air Bags – When you’re in a crash, your car is equipped with sensors that tell the air bag to deploy. This puts a protective barrier between you and hard surfaces in your vehicle. Once deployed, they must be replaced. We carry replacement air bags, sensors and more.

Alternators – If your battery can be charged but won’t hold it, your alternator might be at fault. Without an alternator, your battery will continue to die.  We carry replacement alternators, starters and batteries.

Brake Calipers – The brake calipers press the brake pads into the rotors when you press the brakes. If the calipers are sticking, they can skip across the surface of the rotor and cause a severe shudder. We stock VW brake parts like the calipers and rotors.

When you buy your VW parts from, you get more than genuine OEM VW parts, you get our parts staff with decades of VW experience standing by to answer any of your questions. You also get wholesale pricing and a price match guarantee on any genuine VW part. Buy now.