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OEM Volkswagen Tiguan Parts and Accessories

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Your 2010 VW Tiguan takes you and your family everywhere. This CUV is designed to hold all of your cargo while providing a roomy backseat and plenty of cup holders for the kids. When you need a new part, you shop for OEM Volkswagen parts like those found at

Power Steering Pumps – When the power steering pump is working properly, your Tiguan will effortlessly glide around a corner or change lanes, but if it is not, you have to wrestle with it. We have the pump, pulley, belts and other steering parts.

Spark Plugs – When you tune up your VW, you want a new set of plugs. Plugs get dirty and don’t operate properly, affecting the way your engine runs. We have maintenance items like spark plugs, hoses, belts and more.

Steering Wheels – The steering wheel may never need to be replaced in your vehicle, but if it does, we carry a genuine OEM VW steering wheel. We also have other steering parts like linkage, columns and turn signals.

When you buy your OEM VW parts from us, you get genuine parts that are built to meet the standards and specifications of the factory. We also help you save money by giving you wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Buy your Tiguan parts here.