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OEM Volkswagen CC Parts and Accessories

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The 2009 VW CC was the first of its kind and was launched as a stylized upgrade to the regular Passat. This Comfort Coupe shows off its sleek roofline and offers luxurious, understated details that make it a great upscale car. You take care of yours and only use genuine OEM VW parts that are an exact fit and meet the specifications of the factory.

Fuel Filters – Change your fuel filter if you notice your engine is not getting enough fuel even when the tank is full. Like all filters, it can become clogged. We have filters for the oil, transmission and air cleaner, as well.

Head Gaskets – If you are losing compression, you may have a leaking head gasket. It needs to be replaced or you run the risk of cracking a block. We have all types of gaskets, hoses, belts and filters for your VW.

Igniters – The ignition system causes the spark plugs to arc and cause the explosion that makes your engine run. If there is no spark, your Volkswagen CC has no power. We have replacement ignition parts like switches, wires and plugs.

When you buy your genuine OEM VW parts from us, you save money. We offer wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. We also have a price match guarantee on any genuine VW part. Shop with us.