OEM Volkswagen Touareg Parts and Accessories

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The 2007 Volkswagen Touareg was introduced to the public in a most spectacular way: it was seen towing a Boeing 747 as an example of its off-road prowess. The Touareg was also given to all the members of the King Kong movie crew to use while shooting. Of course, you keep this refined and strong vehicle well maintained, but when you do need a repair use only OEM Volkswagen parts.

Fuel Pumps – The fuel pump can go bad on your vehicle, and if it does, the fuel cannot get from the tank to the engine. We have replacement fuel pumps, filler tubes, gas caps and gas tanks for your VW.

Oxygen Sensors -The oxygen sensor ensures that your Touareg’s engine is getting the right amount of air in the return exhaust. This part does wear out eventually, so replace it with a genuine OEM VW part to ensure factory performance.

Radiators – The radiator provides your engine with the coolant it needs to keep it running cool. If the radiator develops a leak, replace it right away with an OEM part. We carry cooling system parts for your vehicle like the radiator, hoses, thermostats, water pumps and more.

When you need new parts for your Touareg, we can help. We carry a full line of genuine OEM VW parts that offer exact fit replacement. We also have a parts staff with decades of VW experience that are there to help you get the right part. Shop here.