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OEM Volkswagen Jetta Parts and Accessories

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The 2007 VW Jetta is part of the fifth generation of Jettas from Volkswagen. These popular passenger cars are well known around the world under different nameplates. When you replace parts on your VW Jetta, we recommend OEM Volkswagen parts for an exact replacement part.

Fuel Filters –The fuel filter in your Jetta may need to be changed at some point. It can get clogged up and when that happens, your engine may not get the fuel it needs. We have filters for your fuel system, oil and transmission.

Head Gaskets – If the gaskets in your cylinder head leaks, there will be no compression in the combustion chamber. Gaskets do need to be replaced at some point. We have head gaskets, valve covers and all the gaskets your Jetta engine needs.

Igniters – Without an ignition, there is no spark. So if your engine isn’t turning over, you may need new igniter parts.  We have starters, ignition switches and more.

When you need replacement parts for your Jetta, look no further than We sell genuine OEM VW parts that are exact fit replacement parts at wholesale pricing.  You get fast, affordable shipping. Buy your Jetta parts now.