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OEM Volkswagen Passat Parts and Accessories

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The 2005 VW Passat was based on the Mk5 Golf and has a transverse engine layout. It was available in a number of trim levels. When you need to replace parts on your Passat, you buy OEM VW parts that are made to fit exactly the same as the factory part.

Spark Plugs - The spark plugs ignite the fuel in your cylinder. If they get dirty, they may keep your engine from running smoothly. We have spark plugs, cylinders and pistons.

Wheel Bearings – The wheel bearings keep your wheels rolling, and they can wear out from age. Bad bearings may cause noises and drivability issues. We have bearings, axles, hubs and even steering wheels.

Brake Pads – The brake pads wear out because they're subject to high heat and wear. We have replacement brake pads, rotors and calipers.

At, we offer wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping to help you save money. We also have a price match guarantee on any genuine VW part. Buy new 2005 VW parts today.