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OEM Volkswagen Passat Parts and Accessories

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The 2003 Volkswagen Passat has a smoother look this year with softer curves and less angles. Your Passat is a great family car that you take good care of by checking all of the fluids and changing filters. When you need new parts, buy only OEM VW parts because they are made to be exact fit replacement parts.

Water Pump – The water pump keeps the coolant circulating throughout the engine. If the pump goes bad, your engine may overheat, causing major damage. We have pumps, radiators and hoses.

Windshield Wiper Blades – The wiper blades clear water and dirt off the windshield. As they wear out, they start to smear dirt rather than get the window clean. We have blades, arms and windshield fluid pumps.

Oil Filter – The oil filter should be changed every time you change the oil in your vehicle. This will add life to your oil and engine. We have maintenance parts like oil filters, air filters and fuel filters.

When you buy your VW parts from us, you get our wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Shop now for your 2003 VW parts and save money.