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OEM Volkswagen Golf Parts and Accessories

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The 2003 VW Golf was the start of the fifth generation, and these cars were produced on the Group A5 platform. They are powered by a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine. When you need to replace any of the parts on your Golf, you buy OEM VW parts because they are made to last as long as the original parts.

Brake Pads – When you press the brake pedal, you expect the brakes to stop the wheels. Brake pads wear out, and when they do, you need to replace them. We have brake pads, shoes and drums.

Fuel Pump – A bad or failing fuel pump will cause your engine to run poorly because it is not getting the proper fuel supply. We have replacement fuel pumps, tanks and caps.

Wheel Bearings – The wheel bearings keep your wheels rolling, and if they go bad, your wheels will make a lot of noise. We have replacement bearings, hubs, axles and even steering wheels.

Our parts staff with decades of VW experience offers free parts lookups. You always get fast, affordable shipping here. Shop for your 2003 VW parts now.