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OEM Volkswagen Jetta Parts and Accessories

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The 2002 Volkswagen Jetta is halfway through the fourth generation. It was available with a number of powertrain and transmission combinations, and several body styles. Because your Jetta offers you great fuel economy, you keep it in good running order. Whenever you need to replace a part, you buy OEM VW parts because they are made to last as long as the original parts.

Radiators – The radiator holds the fluids your engine needs to keep the engine temperature down. If there's a leak, then your engine can overheat. We have radiators, hoses and fans.

Doors – The door is a long lasting part that you may never need to replace. If your door is damaged, then you need to replace it to maintain the structure and value of your vehicle. We have doors, door locks, hoods and bumpers.

Throttle Bodies – The throttle body ensures your engine gets the right amount of fuel when you press the accelerator. If this part goes bad, you may not get the right amount of fuel. We have throttle bodies, fuel pumps and other fuel related parts.

At, we offer fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing. Buy your 2002 VW parts today.