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OEM Volkswagen Golf Parts and Accessories

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The 2002 VW Golf lineup included a new high-performance Golf that was equipped with a 3.2-liter engine and 4WD. This R32 replaced the 4Motion of the previous year. When you need new 2002 Volkswagen parts, you buy OEM Volkswagen parts because they are optimized to meet the factory standards for fit and performance.

Brake Pads – The brake pads stop the wheels from turning by grabbing the rotors. If this part wears out, then the brakes may fail. We have pads, rotors and calipers.

Power Steering Pumps – The power steering pump helps you steer easily as you go around corners. If the pump goes out, the steering may be hard to use. We have power steering pumps, steering columns and linkage.

Oil Filter – You change your oil to keep the engine in top condition. When you do, replace the oil filter as well. Fresh oil will last longer with a new filter. We have oil filters, air filters, hoses and belts.

We help you save money by offering you wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Our parts staff with decades of VW experience can answer any questions you might have about your VW. Shop here.