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OEM Volkswagen Beetle Parts and Accessories

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The 2002 VW Beetle is considered one of the New Beetle generation and was available in a number of powertrain combinations. When you need new parts for your Beetle, you order OEM Beetle parts since they are optimized to meet the fit and performance from VW.

  • - Door handles – The door handles are made to last, but there may be a point where you need to replace one due to damage. We carry door handles, door locks and even the entire door for your Beetle.
  • - Headlights – You need the headlights in order to see when you drive at night. If you notice them starting to dim, replace them. We have headlights, taillights and turn signals.
  • - Head gaskets – The head gasket completes the seal needed to keep the engine compression in, as well as all of the fluids. A worn head gasket will leak and cause engine damage. We have head gaskets, hoses and belts.

At VW Parts Vortex, we carry OEM VW parts for your VW. We also offer fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing. If you need new headlights or any other replacement part for your Beetle, use the handy order form today.