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OEM Volkswagen Beetle Parts and Accessories

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The 2001 Volkswagen Beetle was considered one of the “New Beetle” models that were part of the new Beetle craze. It was equipped with an inline 4 SOHC 8valve engine. When you need replacement OEM Beetle parts, we are the place to call. We have these and other OEM Volkswagen parts for all of your VWs.

  • Oil Filters – The oil filter should be changed as soon as you change the oil if you want to keep the oil fresh longer. We have oil filters, hoses and other maintenance items.
  • Door Locks – The door locks are electrical, which means that they can wear out from time or use. We have replacement locks, door parts and even doors for your VW.
  • Head Gaskets – The gasket creates a seal between metal parts that keeps fluid and pressure inside. Should the gasket leak, you will lose compression, and your engine will overheat. We have gaskets, belts and seals.

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