OEM Volkswagen Cabrio Parts and Accessories

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The 2000 Volkswagen Cabrio is a fun convertible version of the Golf. It is VW’s sports car, and is perfect for cruising along the beach or countryside. This classic car needs regular oil changes and care to keep it running. You can order OEM VW Cabrio parts right here!

  • Wheel Bearings - Wheel bearings are small metal balls that sit inside the wheel hub of your car, and help your wheels turn by reducing friction. We have the parts you need to keep your bearings up to date.
  • Door Locks - It goes without saying that door locks are an essential part of your vehicle. You don’t want your valuables stolen, and neither do we. That’s why we offer door locks as part of our inventory.
  • Engine Control Modules - ECMs are responsible for controlling the actuators in your car. Actuators are the moving pieces of your engine which control movements like opening and closing valves. Malfunctioning ECMs will cause less than optimal performance in your car, and may even cause engine failure. We have you covered on replacement ECMs.

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