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OEM Volkswagen Passat Parts and Accessories

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The 1999 Volkwagen Passat offers two different body styles: the wagon and the sedan. No matter which one you have, this four door beauty is sure to fit any practical person’s needs. To keep it running smoothly, be sure to service it with regular oil changes and replace parts when necessary. Here at, we have the OEM Volkswagen parts you’ll need.

  • Timing Chains - Keep your engine cylinders firing on time and avoid any misfirings of your engine. With OEM timing chains and timing chain tensioners, you’ll keep your car running smooth.
  • Cylinder Heads - These serve as housing for components such as the intake and exhaust valves, springs and lifters and the combustion chamber. Damage to cylinder heads may cause inappropriate leakage and exposure to high temperatures. We have cylinder heads in stock for you.
  • Idle Control Valves - Control your engine's idling RPMs with OEM idle control valves. Malfunctions with these valves can cause irregular idling, and even engine stalling.

We offer wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping to save you money. You’ll always get a price match guarantee on any genuine VW part for your 1999 Passat. Buy today.