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OEM Volkswagen Golf Parts and Accessories

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The 1999 Volkswagen Golf features a 115-hp, 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. This two- or four-door compact car is perfect for getting around and into those narrow city parking spots. Practice regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations to make your Golf last like only a VW can. When you need to replace parts, buy OEM Volkswagen parts to ensure they fit and function properly.

  • Thermostats - The thermostat regulates the temperature of your engine. If it malfunctions, you run the risk of overheating, and damaging your Golf. We offer OEM replacement parts to keep things cool.
  • Alternators - Without a working alternator, you car battery cannot charge, and power cannot transfer to your engine. We offer alternators, batteries, and starters to keep you going.
  • Fuel Pumps - The fuel pump is responsible for pumping gas from the tank into the engine. Obviously, without it, your car cannot run. We have the parts to keep it pumping.

At VW Parts Vortex, you get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping on your OEM VW parts. We have a price match guarantee on any genuine VW parts. Buy your 1999 VW parts now.