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OEM Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts and Accessories

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1993 VW Cabriolet Parts

The Volkswagen Cabriolet is a rare car but has been raised to cult status over the years. Its unique name means convertible in French. If you’ve ever seen one go by the name Cabrio instead, it’s like saying “Vette”. The production run of the Cabriolet only lasted until 1993, and if you own one, you’re one of few. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how many are left on the road of the few hundred thousand sold in the United States. What you can expect is that there aren't many.

When you own a unique car like the VW Cabriolet, a few things are true. First, it’s at an age where parts are starting to wear. The second notable thing is that parts can be hard to find. Not only that, the right parts can be extremely hard to find. When you own a car that's achieved icon status, you don’t want to chance it with generic or universal parts. Or worse, cheap ripoff parts that won’t fit. Doing so will decrease value, show quality, reliability, and performance.

When you shop for your Volkswagen Cabriolet parts on, you get:

  • - The best selection of OEM replacement parts
  • - The best deal on OEM VW Cabriolet parts
  • - OEM parts that are direct replacements — no modifications needed

In our selection, you’ll find parts such as brake parts here, alternators here, and more. Shop for your 1993 VW Cabriolet parts now to start restoring and maintaining your car.