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OEM Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts and Accessories

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The 1991 Volkswagen Cabriolet was built on the Mk3 platform and was available in a number of trim packages. When you need 1991 Volkswagen parts for your Cabriolet, you only buy OEM Volkswagen parts since they are made to last as long as the original parts.

  • Oxygen sensor – The oxygen sensor keeps your engine from running too lean or too rich. If this sensor goes bad, you may have engine performance issues. We have sensors, manifolds and other exhaust parts.
  • Timing Belt – All of your engine components are kept moving by the timing belt. This belt must be changed at regular intervals, and we carry replacement belts, hoses and other maintenance parts.
  • Fuses – Fuses run all of your electrical parts in your vehicle. A burned out fuse stops a part from working. We have fuses, as well as other electrical parts.

When you buy your 1991 Volkswagen parts from us, we help you save money by offering fast, affordable shipping and wholesale pricing. Use our handy order form and buy now.