OEM Volkswagen Vanagon Parts and Accessories

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The 1989 VW Vanagon is a member of a larger family of vans that were produced for a worldwide market. This van was available with two engine sizes and a diesel. When you need to replace worn Vanagon parts, you buy OEM Vanagon parts because they will last as long as the original parts.

  • Door locks – The door locks on your VW are made to last as long as the vehicle. Should something happen to the electrical parts, you may need to replace the locks. We have locks, door handles and other door parts.
  • Air filters – The air filter on your vehicle keeps the air clean as it enters your engine. An air filter may need to be changed more often if you live on a dirt road. We have air filters, oil filters and transmission filters.
  • Brake calipers – The brake calipers clamp the brake pads down onto the rotors and stop the wheels from turning. A sticky caliper can cause a lot of brake noise or stop your brakes from working. We have calipers, rotors and pads.

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