OEM Volkswagen Fox Parts and Accessories

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The 1989 VW Fox is also known as a Gol. It was available in a three- or five-door hatch or station wagon, or a four-door sedan. When you need new parts for your classic Fox, you buy OEM Fox parts in order to get parts that are manufactured to meet the factory specifications.

Head gaskets – The head gasket creates a seal between two metal parts in the engine. If this seal breaks, you lose compression and performance. You might even do damage to your engine. We have replacement gaskets, hoses and belts.
ECMs – The ECM controls everything in your car, and should this module go bad, your vehicle cannot run as it should. If you notice poor performance or other issues, you may have a bad ECM. We carry these parts and other electronic parts.
Radiators – The radiator holds the coolant your engine needs in order to keep the temperature down. If there is a leak in the radiator, your engine can overheat. We have radiators, fans and thermostats for your VW.