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OEM Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts and Accessories

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The 1989 VW Cabriolet is a member of the Golf family and built on the MK2 platform. This 2-door cabriolet is fuel-efficient and offers superb handling. When you need new parts for your Cabriolet, you buy OEM Volkswagen parts since they are built to meet the factory standard for fit and performance.

Fans – Should you notice your engine temperature creeping up, you might have a problem with the fan that keeps the engine cool. We have fans, radiators and thermostats for your vehicle.
Starter – If you notice your engine is hard to start, your starter may be failing. This part gets a lot of wear over the life of your vehicle and may fail at some point. We carry starters, alternators and batteries.
Oil pan gaskets – The oil pan gasket prevents oil leaks from the oil system. Gaskets can wear out, so you may need to replace them. We have gaskets, belts and filters.

We offer a large selection of OEM Cabriolet parts that are made for your VW. When you buy from us, we help you save money by giving you wholesale pricing. We also will do free parts lookups for you, so call us today.