OEM Volkswagen Vanagon Parts and Accessories

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The 1987 VW Vanagon was water-cooled and was offered in a number of engine sizes that included a 1.9-liter and a 2.1-liter. Because you like all of the room that your Vanagon offers you, you make sure that you always change the oil as VW recommends and replace any parts with OEM VW parts that are exact fit replacement OEM Vanagon parts.

Throttle bodies – The throttle body makes sure that your engine gets the right amount of fuel as you accelerate. Should this part start to fail, you may experience poor performance and fuel efficiency. We carry throttle bodies and other internal parts for your engine.

Head gaskets – The head gasket prevents leaks and with age, it can start to leak. Check this and all of your gaskets when you do your regular maintenance. A bad head gasket can cause significant engine damage. We have gaskets, belts and hoses.

Window motors – The window motor ensures that your window will roll up and down, and should it fail, your window may become stuck. We have window motors and other door parts like locks and arm rests.

We carry genuine OEM VW parts and offer a price match guarantee on any genuine VW part. We have a parts staff with decades of VW experience, so do not hesitate to ask us any questions. Buy your new Vanagon parts today.