OEM Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts and Accessories

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The 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet is a member of the Golf family and was built on the MK2’s platform. It was available with a number of trim packages and engine options. When you need to replace any of your 1987 Volkswagen parts, you purchase OEM VW parts that are made to meet the fit and performance standards from VW.

- Idle control valves – The idle is important to your fuel efficiency. If it is not at the right idle, you can lose power and efficiency because the engine is running poorly. We have replacement idle control valves and other performance components.

- Starter motors – A bad starter motor can cause your engine to be difficult to start. These parts do wear out over time, and at some point, need to be replaced. We have starters, batteries and alternators.

- Power Windows – The power window regulators move the windows up and down. Should this part go bad, you might find your windows stuck open or closed. We have replacement regulators and other power parts.

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