OEM Volkswagen Quantum Parts and Accessories

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The 1986 Volkswagen Quantum is also known as the Passat. The 1986 is part of the second generation Passat and was available as a three-door hatch, four-door sedan and a station wagon. Since your Quantum is an economical family car, you make sure to always do the regular maintenance on it to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Should you need OEM Quantum parts, you buy OEM VW parts for parts that are optimized to meet the fit and performance standards of VW.

- EGR valve – The EGR valve sends the exhaust back into the engine and limits the emissions. Should this valve fail, you'll notice poor engine performance. We have replacement EGR valves, manifolds and other exhaust parts.

- Radiator – The radiator holds the coolant your engine needs to run at the right temperature. Leaks or rust can cause significant engine damage or overheating. We have replacement radiators, hoses and belts.

- Fuel system – Without fuel, your engine won't run. The fuel system is made up of a number of parts like the tank, pump and fuel lines. We have replacement fuel system parts, as well as other parts for your vehicle.

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