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OEM Volkswagen Jetta Parts and Accessories

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The 1985 VW Jetta is the first year for the second generation and became a great sales success for VW. This vehicle even won awards for being the best-selling European car in North America. When you need new OEM Volkswagen parts, you buy only OEM Jetta parts because they are optimized to meet the high standards set by VW for fit and performance.

  • - Air Filter – A clean air filter will allow your engine to breathe fresh air, which improves performance. We have air filters, oil filters and other maintenance parts for your car.
  • - Radiators – The coolant is housed in the radiator, and though radiators are tough, they can rust or spring leaks. Should that happen, your engine can overheat. We have radiators, hoses and fans.
  • - Spark plugs – The spark plug delivers the electrical spark needed to ignite the fuel, and plugs can become dirty with time and cause performance issues. We have plugs, wires and other electrical parts.

We only offer OEM VW parts, and we help you save money by offering wholesale pricing and a price match guarantee on any genuine VW parts. Buy now.