Genuine VW Parking Sensors

As parking spaces get smaller and garages become more crowded, Volkswagen parking sensors have saved many from getting into costly parking related accidents. Not only do parking sensors save the driver from costly damage, they can also save pedestrians and pets outside of the vehicle from becoming victims of a blind spot related accident.

The parking sensor in your CCEurovan, or other VW vehicle is a kind of safety device that is meant to assist you in becoming aware of objects in your vehicle’s path. Parking sensors work by sending and receiving radar information about obstructions surrounding the vehicle.

If the parking sensor becomes damaged, you will no longer be alerted of objects entering your path as you park or if you are approaching a stationary vehicle or object too closely. This could put you in a dangerous situation, so the sensor should be replaced promptly if damaged.

Aftermarket Volkswagen parking sensors are no match for OEM factory Volkswagen parking sensors. Low quality sensors tend to malfunction when you need them most due to poor construction and fitment. When you buy Volkswagen factory parking sensors, you will get the part made specifically for your vehicle. 

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