Genuine VW Idle Control Valves

The idle control valve for Volkswagen vehicles is made to control and maintain a constant and consistent engine idle speed. This valve helps to counter anything that might put an excessive load on the engine of your Volkswagen. This extra load might include things like using the vehicle’s air conditioning, turning on the radio, or using your headlights. Your CabrioTiguan, or other VW's idle control valve also helps to start the engine when the vehicle is cold.

Things like excessive carbon build up can occasionally cause this valve to go bad. If this happens, there will be a few distinct symptoms you will notice when your Volkswagen is running. Most notably, the engine will stall when the car is idling, meaning it’s running but the vehicle is not moving. There may also be excessive loud noises, high idling, and the engine might cut off when you turn the A/C on. Most times, these symptoms will also be accompanied by a check engine light on the dash. If it gets to this point, you can scan for trouble codes.

Replacing a worn VW idle control valve with an OEM replacement will remedy the problem right away. OEM Volkswagen idle control valves are made for a perfect fit and operation, so they're easily your best choice.

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