When Is it Time to Replace Your VW Bumper Cover?

Bumper covers are meant to last the lifetime of your vehicle. But some meet their maker in the event of an accident. Bumper covers are sometimes repaired. But if the damage is bad enough, they’re beyond the point of repair and will need to be replaced.

Cover removed

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So how do you know when replacing the bumper cover is the better option?

1. When the Bumper Cover is Cracked

Any crack in the bumper cover compromises its structural integrity. This means the cover won’t provide as much protection as usual in a collision. There’s also the risk of the crack getting bigger and causing some parts underneath the bumper to rust or get damaged.

You can always seal the crack with epoxy or a fiberglass repair kit, and then paint the cover. But those repairs are time consuming, and it's difficult get the bumper cover to look good. If you care about the aesthetics of the bumper cover, you’d be better off just replacing it.

2. When the Bumper Cover Has Deep Scratches

Scratched cover

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A scratched up bumper never looks good. To restore it, you’d have to either sand it down or fill in the deep scratches with a compound to level out the surface. Next, you’d have to repaint the bumper to get it to match the color of your vehicle. It’s a project that takes time and costs money. Are you really saving money with the time spent repairing a scratched up bumper? You might as well just spend the money on a brand new bumper cover.

3. When the Tabs and Clips on the Bumper Cover are Damaged or Broken

Behind a bumper cover are tabs and clips that attach it to the bumper reinforcement bar and the body. If some of the tabs or clips are damaged or broken, the cover will be loose. It will move around a bit every time you drive somewhere. Eventually, the remaining tabs will break due to the added stress. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to repair or replace the tabs. So when they go, it's time for a new bumper cover.

4. When it Costs More to Repair the Bumper Cover than to Replace it

If the damage is severe enough, it’ll be too expensive and time-consuming to repair it. Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to just replace the bumper cover.

OK, when does it make sense to repair a bumper cover?

Unfortunately, most of the time it is not cost effective to repair a bumper cover. There are a couple of situations where a repair might make sense. Occasionally, light scratches will literally buff out. Scratches that are a little deeper can be painted with touchup paint, and then buffed. This won't be a perfect repair, but will look ok if it's not in a highly visible spot.

Finding a New Volkswagen Bumper Cover

We strongly recommend getting an OEM replacement bumper cover for your Volkswagen. Aftermarket bumper covers are often made with inferior materials and won’t fit your bumper as well. We also recommend ordering your replacement bumper cover online. Shops and dealers mark up the price by about 30%. It’s pretty easy to replace it at home. You just have to paint the new bumper cover (optional), detach the old cover, and then attach the new one.

You want an OEM bumper cover that’s made specifically for your Volkswagen year model. Here are some quick links to our top selling bumper covers: