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This Halloween, Turn Your Pumpkin Into a 2015 Golf R

While everyone on the block is carving faces into their pumpkins, you can show your creative side AND your love for Volkswagen with this awesome cutout.

vw golf pumpkin

What to do now:

• Get your pumpkin cleaned out on the inside and wipe down the surface
• Download the PDF file and print it off using greyscale
• Tape the paper to the flattest part of the face of the pumpkin
• Carefully carve out the lines using a serrated knife
• Take your time and pay close attention to the instructions on the sheet
• If you can’t get it your first try, just remember that pumpkins have more than one side!

vw golf pumpkin pattern

Now you’ll have the coolest pumpkin on the block! Try this cool Halloween craft idea out and post your pictures in the comments, tag it on our Instagram page @VW_Parts, or post it to our Facebook page!

If you’re not feeling up to carving the pumpkin yourself, enter to win the pre-carved faux pumpkin pictured. Visit our Facebook page for details about the contest and how to enter. We’ll announce the winner October 22nd!