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VW Wheel Buyer's Guide

Are you a Volkswagen owner who wants to know more about wheels? We got you. We’re an authorized online retailer of genuine OEM VW wheels and wheel parts. That means we get questions about VW wheels all the time.

If you have some questions about VW wheels, this buyer’s guide may help. We rounded up the most frequently asked questions about VW wheels below. If your question isn’t answered in this guide, you’re more than welcome to ask us.

What Is A Wheel Center Cap And Why Is It Important?

The wheel center cap is often an overlooked part of the wheel. It’s a cosmetic and functional part. This post explains what a wheel center cap is in more detail. To sum it up, a wheel center cap is a small metal or plastic disk that’s in the center of a wheel. It serves a few important purposes:

  • Add some style and sometimes color to your wheel
  • Protect the lug nuts in some cases
  • Protect the axel nut and wheel bearing

Wheel center caps usually last the lifetime of the wheel. Sometimes they can fall off. When you’re dealing with a missing wheel center cap, you can buy a replacement from us at a rock bottom price!

How Do I Know If My Wheel Is Leaking?

Did you know that alloy wheels can leak air? It’s called a wheel leak or a rim leak. If the tire is fine, but it keeps losing air, chances are you have a wheel leak. This guide will help you confirm a wheel leak. All you need to do is:

  1. Mix soap and water together
  2. Spray the wheel with the mixture
  3. Look for any bubbles

Is It Cheaper To Repair Or Replace My VW Wheels?

If you have damaged wheels, you face two options: repair or replace your wheels. If you can’t decide on what to do, this guide will help you explore each option. Repairing your wheels seems like the cheaper option, but it’s not always the case. There are many hidden costs that come with repairing your wheels, such as labor. Sometimes it’s easier to replace your wheels.

Should I Replace One OEM Wheel Or Buy A Set Of Aftermarket Wheels?

If you decide to replace your wheels, you’re faced with another dilemma: buy one OEM wheel or a set of aftermarket wheels?

This comparison guide explores each option in more detail. It concludes that using OEM replacement wheels is the better option. It’s because:

  • OEM wheels have the most resale value
  • OEM wheels are higher quality than aftermarket wheels
  • A replacement OEM wheel will match the other wheels on your vehicle
  • One OEM wheel is cheaper than a set of aftermarket wheels (especially when you shop with us)

Should I Get Alloy Replacement Wheels Or Steel Replacement Wheels?

Are you on the fence between alloy replacement wheels and steel replacement wheels? This comparison guide may help you reach an educated decision. It explores the pros and cons of each type of wheel. To sum it up, here’s an excerpt from the comparison guide:

Get alloy wheels if:

  • You want your VW to look stylish
  • You want to maximize your vehicle’s handling, acceleration, and fuel economy

Get steel wheels if:

  • Your wheels get banged up often
  • You live in a cold climate with a lot of snow and ice
  • You’re on a budget
  • You don’t particularly care about your vehicle’s appearance