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Typical VW Side Mirror Replacement Costs

How much does it cost to replace a side mirror on a Volkswagen?

We get this question often. So we decided to dedicate this blog post to what goes into the cost of replacing your VW side mirror.

There isn't a short and easy answer to this question. Replacing your VW side mirror can cost you anywhere between $100 and $1,500. The exact cost depends on a lot of different factors, which this guide will cover.

The Factors That Go Into The Cost Of A Side Mirror Replacement

OEM VW Mirror

The main factors that determine how much it will cost to replace your VW's side mirror are as follows:

  • The cost of the replacement mirror
  • Labor
  • Tools

Let's talk about each one in more depth.

The Cost Of The Replacement Mirror

This is the biggest factor that goes into the replacement cost.

We strongly suggest using an OEM replacement mirror instead of an aftermarket one. Our reasons are:

  • An OEM replacement mirror will match the other side mirror on your car
  • OEM replacement mirrors fit better than aftermarket mirrors
  • OEM replacement mirrors always contain high quality materials
  • Aftermarket manufacturers often cut corners by using low quality materials

So in this guide, we'll talk about how much OEM side mirrors cost. That depends on two factors:

  1. The complexity of the side mirror assembly: Some side mirror assemblies come with bells and whistles, while others are basic. For example, this side mirror assembly for 2015-2017 Touaregs comes with a memory package (and lane change assist). It's $500 more expensive than this side mirror assembly for 2011-2018 Jettas, which is as basic as they come.
  2. Where you buy the side mirror: You would find the same OEM replacement units at many different dealerships and online shops. Each shop determines its own prices. OEM parts are almost always more expensive at VW dealerships. It's common for dealerships to mark up their prices by about 30% to cover their high overhead costs.
Mirror drawing

If you want an affordable replacement side mirror that offers the most value, order an OEM mirror online. We're authorized sellers of genuine OEM Volkswagen parts. We have a large catalog of VW side mirrors and related components. Our prices are about 30% lower than dealership prices. You'll not only score an OEM replacement side mirror for a low price, but you'll also save even more with our price match guarantee


When it's time to replace a side mirror on your VW, you have 3 options:

  1. Have a Volkswagen dealership replace the side mirror
  2. Have a body shop replace the side mirror
  3. Replace the side mirror yourself

If you have a VW dealership or body shop replace the side mirror, expect to pay about $100/hour for labor. For an experienced person, a side mirror replacement takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. For an inexperienced person, it takes 1-2 hours. So even if an experienced technician takes 30 minutes to replace your side mirror, you would still have to pay for a full hour of labor.

Also, keep in mind that a dealership may require you to buy a replacement OEM mirror from them at a hefty markup. They may not accept a replacement mirror from you -- even if it's a genuine OEM one.

If you have a body shop replace your side mirror, you may have to buy an aftermarket side mirror from them. Some body shops may accept an OEM replacement mirror you ordered online. You may want to call around first, though.

If you're open to taking care of the replacement yourself, you won't have to pay anything upfront for the labor. But you should think about what your time is worth. Keep in mind that if you have a shop or dealership replace the side mirror, you would have to hang out there and wait until they're done. So you would be using up your own time in addition to paying the shop for theirs.


If you take care of the replacement yourself, you will have to take into consideration the cost of the tools. If you have all the tools you need for the job, then you're good. If you don't have everything, you will need to go out and buy new tools. How much would that cost you?

It depends on the type of car you have and what tools you need. For example, you will need the following tools for a 2005-2010 Jetta:

  • T20 Torx driver: $3-$7
  • T30 bit: $2-$5
  • Ratchet: $5
  • Flathead screwdriver: $10
  • Stick magnet: $5-$10

In a nutshell, replacing the side mirror on a Jetta requires $25-$37 worth of tools.

Adding Up The Costs

Calculating the following will give you an accurate idea of how much a side mirror replacement will cost:

  • Cost of a replacement unit
  • Labor
  • Tools

Do you need help figuring out how much it'll cost to replace a side mirror on your Volkswagen? Please get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help you!