Why VW OEM Parts Are Best – Aftermarket Part Problems

It seems everybody is looking to save a buck these days including mechanics and do-it-yourself car owners. With cheap aftermarket parts abound, is it a good idea to cut corners and buy them? Nope. Here’s why.

Why VW OEM Parts Are Best - Aftermarket Part Problems

Looking for the best quality VW part? Trust a part directly from the dealer.

Before we explain why OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts are better, first it is important to understand several things about aftermarket parts.

  1. By and large, aftermarket parts don’t go through the same rigorous testing that OEM parts do.
  2. Aftermarket parts are made for a wide-range of cars and trucks. This means you could run across a situation where the part doesn’t fit quite right.
  3. OEM parts are often of higher quality since they must meet the manufacture specifications. Aftermarket parts can cut corners since there is no standard to meet.
  4. Lastly, OEM parts come with a warranty backed up by the manufacture whereas aftermarket parts can and can not come with a warranty from the smaller company.

At the end of the day, when you are looking for VW parts to fix your vehicle with, go to the dealer and order OEM parts from them or online.