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VW Ignition Coil Buyer's Guide

In every modern internal combustion engine, there’s a set of ignition coils. If you own a VW internal combustion engine, you should learn about ignition coils. That way, you can recognize the signs of a bad ignition coil and then replace it when necessary.

In this buyer’s guide, you will find all the information you need about ignition coils.

What Is An Ignition Coil And Why Is It Important?

If you look at the top of your engine's cylinder head, you’ll find an ignition coil directly over each spark plug. It’s a tube-shaped part that’s connected to the spark plug. Why are ignition coils important? They convert the low voltage current from the battery into high voltage current. The spark plug needs high voltage in order to make a strong spark, which is something the battery can't provide. That's why your engine has ignition coils.

To read more about ignition coils and how they work, check out this post.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bad Ignition Coil?

Most ignition coils start to fail after 100K miles. Every driver should know the symptoms of a bad ignition coil, and how to diagnose the issue. This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Identify the symptoms of a bad ignition coil
  • Determine that your engine has a bad ignition coil

Basically, you need to use an ohmmeter to test the primary winding and secondary winding. It's a pretty easy job you can do at home.

How To Replace The Ignition Coils In Your Volkswagen

This tutorial outlines the proper way to replace your Volkswagen’s ignition coils. You would only need a flathead screwdriver. The replacement process is straightforward and the same across all VW models.

Should I Get OEM Or Aftermarket Ignition Coils?

Ignition coil

You should always get OEM replacement ignition coils for your VW. Ignition coils are important parts that ensure the smooth operation of your engine. That’s why you should make quality and design your highest priorities while shopping for replacement ignition coils.

If you read this comparison guide, you’ll find that OEM ignition coils are always the better choice. To sum it up, OEM ignition coils:

  • Are made with high quality materials
  • Have the right operating specs

Do you have any questions that weren’t answered in this buyer’s guide? Feel free to contact us!