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The VW Group Explained

The Volkswagen Group was founded in 1937 and is one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers. Regularly swapping the number one spot with Toyota Motor Corporation, it is worth roughly as much as Ford and Honda combined.

The VW Group currently controls over a dozen brands. Covering everything from budget cars to bikes, trucks, and luxury and sports vehicles. It has produced some iconic vehicles over the decades, including the Beetle, Golf, and Type 2 Bus.

Assets under the VW Group

VW group

Volkswagen started simply, but continues to strive to become a globally leading provider of sustainable automotive products. Their global reach has evolved through their continued growth and their assets now include these brands:

 - Audi

 - MAN

 - Bentley

 - Porsche

 - Bugatti

 - Scania

   (Bugatti Rimac since 2021) 


 - Cupra


 - Ducati

 - Volkswagen

 - Lamborghini

 - Volkswagen Commercial


Volkswagen: The People’s Car

Volkswagen means ‘People’s Car’ in German. It was founded in 1937 to manufacture affordable cars for the masses. Things got off to a rocky start as World War II started just one year later. Post-war, Volkswagen ramped up production of the VW Beetle and the company continued to grow. The next major development was the introduction of the VW Bus, or Volkswagen Type 2, in 1949.

The Volkswagen Golf (Rabbit in the US), made its debut in 1974, intended as a replacement for the VW Beetle. The Beetle continued in production until 2003, but the Golf also became a major sales success. The Golf GTI arrived in 1976 and was the first true hot hatch.

The Volkswagen Touareg was launched in 2002, marking the first VW SUV. Now in its third generation, the Touareg has evolved into a luxurious and capable family SUV. It also led to the development of the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and Lamborghini Urus SUVs.

VW has grown into one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, thanks to the acquisition of other automotive companies and some inspired product development. There have been a few bumps along the way. The Dieselgate scandal being the most recent. But VW has worked hard to regain consumer trust and rectify its mistakes.

Modern VW vehicles are well-built and offer a premium driving experience. Cars like the VW Golf GTI and VW Tiguan SUV offer class-leading performance and excellent value.

Major Milestones

VW's years of growth and acquisition have come with some fairly significant milestones, including:

  • 1937: Limited Liability Company for the preparation of the German People's Car founded
  • 1938: Volkswagen Beetle goes into production. Company renamed to Volkswagen Factory GmbH. World War II starts
  • 1945: British army takes control of Volkswagen post-WWII
  • 1948: Company handed back to German Government
  • 1949: Volkswagen Bus production begins
  • 1965: Auto Union acquired – leading to production of the first post-war Audi models
  • 1974: Volkswagen Golf production begins
  • 1986: Controlling stake in Spanish company SEAT acquired
  • 1991: Partnered with Skoda – eventually taking full control in 2000
  • 1998: Bentley, Bugatti, and Lamborghini were added to the Volkswagen Group
  • 2011: Porsche and VW Group merge
  • 2015: Major recall due to tampering with diesel engine software
  • 2021: Bugatti brand merges with Rimac EV firm
  • 2022: VW ID4 all-electric SUV goes on sale in US

The Future

Like most other major auto manufacturers, Volkswagen is on a mission to electrify its product range. New models are constantly being introduced to its all-electric ID range. The ID.4 SUV is already available in the US, with the ID. Buzz bus coming in 2024. VW aims to be fully electric by 2030.

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