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VW Engine Air Filter Buyer's Guide

The engine air filter is a part that needs replacing often. If you own a Volkswagen and if you want to learn more about engine air filters, this guide is for you. Here, you’ll find all the information you need about engine air filters.

What Is An Engine Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

The engine air filter in your Volkswagen plays a big role in keeping the engine clean. An engine air filter is a tightly pleated paper filter with a plastic frame. It’s in the cold air intake box.

As the air enters your engine, it goes through the air filter first. The air filter traps the harmful elements in the air. These harmful elements can affect your engine’s health and possibly damage it. That’s why the air filter is so important. Without one, your engine can fail prematurely.

This post offers an in-depth explanation of what an engine air filter is and why it’s so important.

How To Replace A Volkswagen Air Filter

Under normal circumstances, an engine air filter lasts between 12K and 15K miles.

The engine air filter is a part you can replace by yourself. Bringing your VW to a shop would be a waste of time. An engine air filter replacement takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is:

  1. Open the cold air intake box
  2. Remove the old air filter
  3. Put the new air filter in
  4. Close the cold air intake box

It’s such a straightforward process that anyone can do it. For more detailed steps, check out this tutorial.

Should You Get An OEM Or Aftermarket Air Filter?

OEM vw engine air filter

Are you thinking about saving a few bucks on an aftermarket air filter? You'd actually get a lot more value out of an OEM one. There are so many differences between OEM and aftermarket engine air filters. It's easy to determine which type does a much better job keeping the intake air clean. This comparison guide examines the differences between both types of air filters. It concludes that OEM engine air filters come out on top for these reasons:

  • OEM air filters come with high quality filter material
    • Aftermarket air filters don't always have high quality filter material
  • OEM air filters have deep, tightly packed pleats
    • Many aftermarket air filters have shallow, loosely packed pleats
  • OEM air filters always have the right dimensions
    • Many aftermarket manufacturers don't design their air filters to OE specs

Because of these reasons, OEM air filters usually last much longer than aftermarket air filters.